Workshop refreshments

In order to guarantee that refreshments during coffee breaks at the workshop will serve everyone, please let us know if you happen to have some special dietary requirements we should be aware of. We would greatly appreciate your information by Friday (25th of August).

For budgetary reasons, we can only provide lunch for the workshop presenters.

Campus dining services

  • Café: Nádor 15 Ground Floor
  • Restaurant: Nádor 15 Second Floor
  • Cafeteria: Nádor 9 Ground Floor
  • Students’ Cafe: Nádor 9 Basement

Cafés and pubs

  • Terv Presszó (Nádor utca 19)
  • Espresso Embassy (Arany János utca 15)
  • À Table (Arany János utca 16)
  • Kávétársaság (Nádor utca 14)
  • Toldi Mozi (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38)
  • Kőleves (Kazinczy utca 37)
  • Mika Tivadar Mulató (Kazinczy utca 47)
  • Farger (Szabadság tér)


  • Zing (Nádor utca 17)
  • Delibaba (Nádor utca 19)
  • À la Maison Grand (Nádor utca 5)
  • Istanbúl Kebab & Grill (Oktober 6. utca 22)
  • Hummus Bar (Oktober 6. utca 19)
  • La Trattoria (Oktober 6. utca 13)
  • Pomo d’Oro (Arany János utca 9)
  • Café Kör (Sas utca 17)
  • Café Vian (Hercegprímás utca 15)

There are a lot of pubs (including the "ruin pubs" that Budapest is particularly known for), cafés, and restaurants in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th districts—all 15–30 minutes away from CEU on foot. Ask the locals in the workshop for suggestions!